Greetings, I am barYahweh112

I’m the 40 year old gamer. I have been gaming for most of my life starting out with Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64. The 'Channel 3' life was my childhood. Today it is a lot of PlayStation with a touch more horsepower than the legendary C64. I’m a proud family man who enjoys spending time with my wonderful wife and 5 kids, playing games, playing sports, doing nothing, being together and always keeping God the priority in our lives. After all the family time is done and work is cleared out of the way, I enjoy running some first person shooters with my gaming community! 4GODgaming is my hangout and my second family! As you spend your time hanging out I pray that you feel this is a safe place to fellowship, build an extended family alongside us in 4GODgaming and have a great time just soaking in the vibes. My ‘skills’ still need a lot of work, but we will keep it real all the time!'


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Why the name barYahweh112?

John 1:12 provides a simple truth that “but as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name” (John‬ ‭1:12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬). Well, I received Him as young child and learned to lean on Him even more as I grow older. With that I am proud to say that I am a son of (bar) God (Yahweh)!

My Schedule

Interactive Live Streams

  • I have currently paused live streaming on a schedule due to current life demands. Yahweh knows if this will come back full circle in the future.

Playable Content

  • Check out my content on demand at either Facebook or YouTube at any time!

Please come hang out with us in any of the above areas, but always remember DON'T TOUCH MY THERMOSTAT! #DTMT
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More about who I am...


I’m a proud father of 5 kiddos. Between my blood born and stepson we all have a blast when we are together. I enjoy relaxing with the family watching movies, grilling out, playing board games and spending time at the beach or pool. With kids from high school to elementary school there is always something going on to keep us busy. Additionally, our blended family is positioned across three states and multiple homes. With these challenges, time all together is not always possible, but always cherished!


As a self-taught musician, I have enjoyed the craft of music. I play multiple instruments and sing. From the drums (which are my first instrument) to guitar and bass guitar I enjoy a great jam session with my worship band. For many years, I was also a worship pastor in Atlanta. I enjoyed this time of coaching the team, leading the congregation into a time of worship and collaborating with the senior pastor on goals of our corporate worship.

Video Games

From the days of the Commodore 64 to the Nintendo Entertainment System I have always enjoyed playing video games with my brothers and friends. Video games are my chance to unwind after a great day of work. There are mental challenges and strategies involved when playing as part of a squad. Being in sync brings satisfaction and joy as we exercise and improve our skills together. I am a leader of a wonderful gaming community that I joined back in 2011. It is wonderful watching a community grow from just a handful of men into over 100 young and seasoned adults. It is also a great opportunity to mentor younger men and women as they progress through life's journey.

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Connecting with 4GODgaming

I am proud to be a part of the community since 2011! This amazing group of people and we always love to grow! Please connect with the community through the links below.

4GOD Discord

4GOD Facebook

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